One-on-One Training

Get the most out of your workout with an experienced and professional personal trainer by your side!


One-on-One Training

Get the most out of your workout with an experienced and professional personal trainer by your side!

One-on-one training

Customized Workouts

60 Minute Sessions

No gym membership fees

16 session Package


(Normally $880, Save $160!)

8 session package


(Normally $440, Save $40!)

Single Session


Experience the benefits of working with an experience and professional Certified Personal Trainer and reach your goals faster than you ever could on your own. Our clients prefer working with a personal trainer and having exclusive access to our space and equipment because they know they are going to get the most out of their workout every time!

We approach each fitness client as an individual and customize their workouts based on their needs and goals. With a broad range of specialties ranging from rehabilitation, functional training, calisthenics, crossfit, bodybuilding, and olympic weightlifting, we are able to suit the needs of almost anyone. 

The private setting of our fitness studio allows for the comfort of learning without the distractions and intimidation of a public gym. Our private studio allows for 1-2 clients plus the trainer at any given time. No public access is given, so when you are scheduled to be in the studio it is exclusively for you and no one else.  You'll find it surprisingly easy to focus on yourself, and with our one-on-one support you can take control of your body!

We'll discuss with you the important topics when it comes to your nutrition, like hydration, macronutrient breakdown, nutrient timing, and much, much more. It may seem a bit overwhelming as there are many things to consider, but we will supply you with our  'Healthy Eating Guide' to provide addition information and help answer any of your questions. By following our guidelines, you are sure lose unwanted body fat, add lean muscle, decrease inflammation, and increase your energy. These are just a few of the many benefits you'll see and feel when you start fueling your body with healthy choices. We understand that everybody is different, so we will work with you to customize a nutrition plan that fits you best and will get you results!

Supplementation can be a vital addition to your regimen in helping you attain your goals. Our fitness staff has years of experience and  will help figure out which products are best to help you reach your goals. All of our products are competitively priced, so you don't have to shop around to find the best deal. 


Online Training

Online Training

What you get with online training

  • Unlimited online messaging support from trainer

  • Monthly program updates based on your progress

  • Welcome Package resources - Access to nutrition guide, newsletter, and more

  • Free 60 min start-up consultation

  • Personalized training program

  • Online nutritional guidance

  • Mobile training app for easy progress tracking, exercise videos, and your personal training program


You’ll get free access to our Trainerize mobile app to help you track your progress, communicate with your trainer, and stay motivated. You’ll also get the benefit of a strong relationship with a trainer that cares about your success.


You make your own schedule without having to worry about when your trainer is available. No more re-scheduling when you have a last minute conflict. Work out on your own time.


No matter where you are, your trainer goes with you. Traveling for work? No problem! Your individualize program goes with you. Now you can get in a great training session anywhere. We even offer programs that can be followed without a pricey gym membership.


Online training is a lot less expensive than traditional training at the gym — with even better results. No more missing out on pre-paid sessions or cancellation fees. It can cost up to $400 a month to meet with a trainer at a gym just once a week, with no contact in between sessions. Online training gives you a personalized program and open communication with your trainer for a fraction of the cost.

3 month Package - $95.00/month




Since November 21, 2012, with the help of Weight Watchers and training with Steve, I've lost 201.6lbs total. Working with a Steve has helped immensely because I have found numerous ways to not only lose weight but to regain my muscles that had been laying dormant for many years.

I love the way he pushes me to try new exercises and that he always pushes me over my "mental" block I sometimes get when he shows me a new exercise. I would recommend a Steve to anyone because he are very friendly, knowledgeable and you feel like he really cares about you and your goals. 


I was so happy once I learned about this program because as a busy mom of two young children, being employed full time, and owning a restaurant, it's just not realistic for me to be at the gym every single day. My favorite feature of this program is that I can contact Steve by personal messaging anytime I have questions or concerns and he is there for me every single time!

Steve is understanding, firm but not too pushy, very well educated, a driven and cheerful individual. I would absolutely recommend  and have recommended online training to friends and family.


I have been working with Steve and using online training since November, 2014 and the results have been great. The program makes going the gym so easy. Everyday when I go in I know exactly what I am doing that day and Steve knows how hard I worked by tracking my progress. Using the message option on the app makes communicating any concerns or questions easy to address with Steve.

I have made great progress toward being healthier and stronger and the results are tangible. Steve and the Apex Fitness app are great tools to help me continue on this journey.


My experience has been great! Anytime I have questions I get in contact with Steve and I always get a prompt response! Extremely friendly and very personable! Very flexible with making workouts that fit me and my goals!

It is great knowing that it’s all set up for me and I just have to log in and do the workout! I am so happy I took that first step to improve myself! It is paying off with Steve’s help!


With having three children getting to the gym at scheduled times is difficult. This app makes it possible for me to succeed in the gym. My workouts push me to the next level and most importantly his support and encouragement. There really is no excuse to not succeed with this system.